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At Canton Urgent Care, we believe in offering as many Urgent Care Centers services as possible under one roof. This way our patients and staff can develop positive, familiar working relationships with each other. As a result, we offer a wide variety of Urgent Care Centers.
What is a Physician, Doctor, or Surgeon?
Around the world, the combined term "Physician and Surgeon" is a venerable way to describe either a general practitioner, or else any medical practitioner irrespective of specialty.This usage still shows the older, narrower meaning of physician and preserves the old difference between a physician, as a practitioner of physic, and a surgeon. The term may be used by state medical boards in the United States of America, and by equivalent bodies in provinces of Canada, to describe any medical practitioner.
If you need a Garden City MI Urgent Care Centers Canton Urgent care can help. Canton Urgent care specializes in Urgent Care Centers.